Back to School

Art Class, Spooky poses

     It is back to school again and I was surprised to discover in my favorite subject, Figure painting 101, two of my friends Spooky and Waff had also signed up for this as one of there electives. The teacher, Mr. Avangoymusatakie had us painting right away. I have had Mr. Avangoymusatakie as a teacher before, he is real good at teaching art but more importantly he is real laid back and does not mind us calling him Vangoy, Vango, Vanddy, Vandaddy, Elvis, Avan, Mr. A, are you get the picture?

     The assigned model called in sick that first day, so Spooky was quick to volunteer to be the model. It was funny, when the Mr. A was telling us the news of the model not being able to make it and starting to ask us if anyone wanted to pose for extra credit, Spooky’s hand shot like a rocket shooting out of the earth’s atmosphere, then before the teacher could call on her, she was already striding over to the to the pose table. Our teacher insisted she pose with her clothes on, though given the choice I don’t know if she would pose in the nude like the normal models usually do. I think she just wanted an excuse to take a nap during class.

July 16, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , . by Yumi, Location: Classroom.


  1. Kasumi replied:

    I missed that class.

  2. yumidoll replied:

    Normally you are early for all your classes, what caused you to be late that day? 😛

  3. Kasumi replied:

    Slept in, too many good TV shows on at night.

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