Arriving early has its advantages.

     Sometimes arriving to school early has its advantages, like being able to decide what to do after school.

     Our class had finished our Pop Quiz the day before and I was not worried too much on how I did on it since it was only the first one of the year and it was not like it was the finals. I was worried more about Spooky since the day of the Pop Quiz; she didn’t look to be doing so well. I think Spooky stayed up to late studying since we all knew it was about time for us to have our monthly Pop Quiz.  Well, that or she was working late on her project “Behavioral Patterns of a Noob” for extra credit.

     With the Pop Quiz done it now freed up time from studying for another month and allows us to concentrate on real important things like shopping, going out or to the club. Come on, that is what we go to school for right, to learn how to use these classes in everyday life.
Math class = helps us to know how much money we have and can spend before going broke.
Gym class = gets us in shape for dancing and long shopping sprees.
Home Economics = well, nothing really as we usually just grab a bite to eat after we are done.

     Yumi and I both arrived early today and sat thinking of what to do afterwards and the only thing I could think of was going to the club. I am not sure why, but the advertising billboard right outside our class room might have had something to do with it. The colors of it reminded me of the lights from there. Whoever came up with the idea of putting up an advertising billboard right outside our window better have gotten a promotion at his work. What better place is there to advertise than outside a school full of money spending school students?

     Yumi had recently introduced me to Hardstyle at “The Club” which is the club that she, Spooky and Waff go to. The music there is pretty good; it had a quick beat that got your energy going. There wasn’t too many people there at the time, but that is to be expected since it was the middle of the week. Made it easier for me too since I am not the best of dancers and would have bumped into too many people. That and I did fall a few times. It was a pretty fun night and the like I said, the music was fun and energetic. Who knows, maybe I will listen to it for when it is time to start studying for our next Pop Quiz. ~.^

July 19, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . by Kasumi, Location: Classroom.

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