Best Friends.


… I’ve known Kasumi since we were very young. I think of her almost as a younger sister even though we are the same age. I try to watch out for her when I can. I’m very protective of her due to the fact she’s had a tough childhood. When it comes to boys, she sometimes has to tell me it’s alright and that she can take care of herself. Even though Kasumi is somewhat shy, she will let anyone know of what she doesn’t like. I sometimes secretly enjoy watching her turn boys down.

We are very close, however there are sometimes where even I feel some distance in our relationship. She can come off aloof at certain times, which makes me feel uneasy. As the years have gone by, I’ve learned how to “let go” and just let her be. I will always continue to watch from a distance. She knows she can always rely on me as a sister or best friend.

This past week at school was a strange one. Kasumi started to leave earlier for school. We have always walked together in the past. It was on Tuesday after one class that I had to stop her and ask if there was anything wrong. She said that there was nothing wrong though and just felt like being alone. I was instantly concerned, but tried to keep from being completely obvious. She didn’t speak much after that and then walked away. I had to get to my class, but made the decision to try and talk to her after school. As the day continued, i started to get very anxious. I knew something was bothering her, but not sure what. Class finally ended and I walked quickly to Kasumi’s classroom to meet her. I saw the other students exit the room, but no Kasumi. When I asked a mutual friend where was Kasumi, he said that she didn’t show up for class. Now I really began to worry…

July 26, 2009. Tags: , , , , . by Spooky, Location: Classroom.


  1. yumidoll replied:

    I love this post!!! YAY!

  2. Kasumi replied:

    I remember this photo, it was taken when my hair was still short. I might go back to it, not sure.

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