Sometimes, I wonder what people think of us.  Then times, I wonder if I should care.  Does it really matter what others think?

     We were hanging out Friday after school at the mall; you know the usual shopping and viewing the “scenery” that walks by, which this time it also involved Yumi finding a stray dog.  After awhile we thought it would be fun to take some photos.  We walked around for a bit thinking of a good place to take them.  We did find a spot, even after a few short stops and a few small photo sessions.  Spooky had suggested going to the fountain upstairs.  We headed up then took some shots there and in the sitting area around it, until either Yumi or Lan figured it would be cool if we took a photo of us standing in the fountain.

     When taking the pictures, for some reason it reminded me of an all girl music group and that it was we were doing a photo shoot for the cover of the CD.  With that said what CD wouldn’t be without a back cover?


Yeah… ~.^

       We were there for quite awhile when Kekona finally showed up.  I bet she was working on an art project or something and lost track of time.  She jumped right into the fountain with us without a second thought.


     It is strange how one can lose all sense of “right and wrong” when caught up in the heat of the moment.  We all knew we shouldn’t have been standing in the fountain, especially Yumi’s stray dog which she decided to bring along with us, but continued to do so.  I could sense out the corner of my eye that people were looking at us, but at that moment we really didn’t care.

     The day grew short and it was time for me to be heading home.


     I left before the rest of my friends and as I sat waiting for the bus, I wondered what people were thinking of us, was it dislike or amusement, I don’t know.  Heck now-a-days, people turn a blind eye to almost anything.  A child being hit by their parent, because they are being bad; do you step in to stop it or leave it and hope it is as far as it goes.  A kid being bullied by a group others, do you step in to help or leave it thinking that if I was to get involved, they might turn on me and hurt me.

     Some days I really wonder if anybody is paying any attention to any of us.

July 27, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , . by Kasumi, Location: At the Mall.


  1. spooky replied:

    love it! next blog i write will have more photos too. keep it up! ^^

  2. lanmay replied:

    I love it too! Very creative!

  3. yumidoll replied:

    It is very fun to read. I agree with Lan, it is very creative.

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