Stray Dog

Yumi, Kasumi, Lan, Spooky, & Dogs (Vix, & Scratch) in the mall
Today after class my friends and I decided to go to the mall and hang out. The architecture of the mall reminds me of nature, buildings are not square boxes with right angles, but rather they are curved like rounded rocks formed by many decades of clear water pushing its way towards the salty oceans. Inside each building are colorful cloth made from the hair and fur of animals weaved and sewed together to create different styles that will cling the human form. I wonder if a lost sheep would come to the mall smelling sweaters, the wool and cotton of it’s brother and sisters in the August winds.

Dogs (Vix & Scratch)
When we left school sitting there waiting for me was this stray dog. I had seen him in the morning looking a bit lost and lonely so I took out some of my lunch and fed it to him. It seemed to cheer him up a bit, and he wagged his tail like crazy. It wagged back and forth with passion, well it was more like moving around in a circle so much I thought he was going to take off into the air like a helicopter. He then proceeded to chase his tail like it was some kind of little animal that was sneaking up on him but always outside his reach. Then I pet him a bit and headed onto class. Well, too my surprise there was that same dog waiting for me after school to greet me. I had to discreetly push his nose away from my legs so he would not greet me the way dogs do to each other.

He followed me to the mall, and he accepted each of my friends as his family sniffing them formally with much interest. He was so happy to no longer be lost and to be part of a pack again.

We all laughed and played at the mall, it was just so fun to be with the group. I called Waff on my cell to see if he was interested to come join the fun, but he was busy customizing his motorcycle.

It was kind of funny while we were having fun, another dog showed up, he seemed to know ‘our’ dog.

Yumi, Kasumi, Lan, Spooky, & Dogs (Vix, & Scratch) on the fountain
We ended up over by the fountain, actually standing in it. I think it was Spooky’s idea to take photos over there and Lan’s idea to stand in the water. I just had to laugh a little at the idea of standing in the fountain taking pictures and think it was Lan who stepped into the water first. It just seemed so out of character for her, out of all of us, she seems to be the one who follows the rules the most, maybe we are a bad influence on her, hehehe. Kekona showed up right at the end, she put the gum she was chewing under the railing and quickly walked onto the fountain with us for photo taking.

Yumi with black Cat (Spooky)
Kasami told me she had to leave soon, we took a few more photos then she left. I guess she wanted to get home to study even though it was friday. I wanted to go walk with her, but I had a feeling she had something to do. Soon after she left, we all went our separate ways. I swung by one of the stores in the mall and ended up buying some denim cutoff shorts. I went home and put them on and then went for a walk missing my friends. It was starting to get dark, but I saw another stray, this time a cat. I sat down next to it and is came over to me and rested her head on my leg. As I sat there looking at the cat I began to think about the happenings of today and about strays. I think everyone is a stray at different times of existence. I think next time I am alone at school, I will look around and search for a stray standing alone, be it an animal or a person, then go say hi to them or just go stand next to them.

July 28, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . by Yumi, Location: At the Mall.


  1. spooky replied:

    awe… such a cute black cat! ^^

  2. yumidoll replied:

    YAY! I agree šŸ™‚

  3. Kasumi replied:

    I think we had better keep an eye on Yumi, she might be starting to attract too many strays.

  4. Lan May replied:

    The other doggie looks like he bought his fur at a Tiger store.

  5. Lan May replied:

    Oh…and I like the story very much too!

  6. yumidoll replied:

    YAY! ā¤

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