Work and Play.

… My most recent assignment in art class was to complete a project using culture as the subject. Already having some ideas in mind, I invited Kasumi and Gin to tag along as models. We first visited a art muesum which had a lovely garden out in front. I thought the flowers that were on display would compliment our school uniforms. Gin suggested posing in the flowers, but Kasumi didn’t want to get her new shoes dirty. It was then I suggested that we should pose with the flowers behind us while standing on the pavement. We didn’t have time to go into the museum because i had two other locations i wanted to visit before the day was over.

There’s a shopping centre in town that is based around a old Mission. All the shops surrounding the Mission are built with a Spanish style look to them. Kasumi and I couldn’t resist to spend a few minutes window shopping. Gin lost his paitence with us and decided to wander the Mission by himself. We met in front of the Mission about an hour later, then took some photos. Afterwards, we stopped to have some lunch. We all agreed on Italian. There was one more place i wanted to take photos at. It was at a Japanese Garden a few miles outside of town.

As we drove into the parking lot, I noticed that there were not many vehicles there. Maybe because it was about an hour before closing time. I didn’t want to deal with too many people while I was taking photos anyways. I didn’t as many photos as I wanted to. I guess we were too busy just appreciating the scenery all around us. For some reason, Gin was in a obnoxious mood and was being loud. Kasumi and I lost him in garden maze and we just took some photos together. A little later we met up and took some group shots in a rock garden. It was getting to dark, so we decided to leave shortly after.

I dropped Gin off at his home and drove Kasumi back to her house. She invited me in for dinner and we spoke of how productive the day was. I was just happy that the school week was over and the weekend was here. We thought about what to do for fun that night. Kasumi suggested that we should go out to a club later. I agreed it was a good idea and drove back home to change. I picked out something casual and comfortable. When i got back to Kasumi’s house she met me out in front and we drove off. Both of us don’t go out to clubs that much, so we just drove around a lot. Kasumi made several calls to some friends for club suggestions, however none of the choices sounded very appealing.

We found ourselves at a Japanese Karaoke Bar. There was a bit of a crowd, but we managed to find a small booth to sit at. Neither of us had any courage to make a attempt to sing in front of everyone, so we just observed. I found that we actually enjoyed the Karaoke experience having never been to this sort of bar before. About an hour after we arrived, a set of drinks were sent over to us by two older Japanese men that appeared to be in their early 30’s. After politely not accepting, the men came over and introduced themselves. We invited them to sit down with us and watch the performers. Being as protective as I am, i kept my eye on Kasumi. If these men seemed to be a nuisance, we would quickly leave. Between songs, the men tried to keep up small talk. Nothing very interesting was said and i was trying to watch the singers up on stage. Kasumi was being nice to each of them, but letting them also know that we are not interested in any relationships at this point in time. This was fortunate, because they were not very forward or aggressive. Another hour passed and it was getting late. We had to wake up early the next morning to go surfing. After months of annoying Kasumi, she finally agreed to letting me teach her how to surf. I didn’t want to miss my big chance, so we said good night to our new admirers and drove home.

We woke up at four in the morning to get an early start. I stayed at Kasumi’s to save time so we could leave directly from her place. She wanted to sleep in, but finally gave in to my attempts to get her out of bed. The weather at the beach was a bit cool at first but warmed up eventually. Kasumi always had a slight fear from being in the water, but i convinced her everything would be alright and that she would have a good time. I told her to watch me a few times and then she could try on her own. After a few tries, she managed to get it right and even pull off some moves. We spent several hours at the beach and later had dinner at a resturaunt. Kasumi couldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed surfing and that she wanted to surf again the weekend after. We also joked around about the men we met the night before. We left the resturaunt and i dropped Kasumi off at her house. As i was driving home, i was looking forward to a nice sleep. Hopefully the week will go by quick and we can have another nice weekend.

August 9, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . After Class, Location: Classroom.

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  1. yumidoll replied:

    Love all the photos.

    YAY! keeping an eye out for Kasumi she is like a little Lamb at times.

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