October Night.

… This semester, a childhood friend of mine transferred to our school. Her family moved away about four years ago due to her father’s job. Fortunately, things went well for her family and they moved back to our neighbourhood. In those four years, we drifted apart. We tried our best to keep in touch, but with distance it’s never easy. I’m very glad she’s back and we seem to be catching up very quickly. Her name is October.

It was until last week, that we finally had a chance to hang out just the two of us. With hectic schedules, it just seems like we can never put the time aside to get together. On Tuesday Tobie(i’m the only one who gets to call her this) came up to me at school and said that Thursday evening would be free for her. She said she wanted to make plans to go out and without hesitation, I said yes. However, it wasn’t until the next day at school that Kasumi reminded me that I made plans with her for Thursday the week before.

The school day came and went quickly. I was so excited that Tobie and I were finally going to hang out, that I was in a daze for most of the day. I drove to her house to pick her up that evening. We both agreed that getting some food would be best for starters. Tobie’s favourite resturaunt was a Japanese Sushi Bar just at the edge of the city. I knew she hadn’t been there since she moved, so I suggested we go there. She loved the idea and we raced over.

Over our meal, we talked and laughed about school, friends, and life in general. I was glad to see her laugh and smile. It was just way too long to be apart and I knew she missed her life back here. Moving to a different city was very hard on her and she went thru a major depression. She told me a bit of how the school was and about the people. She explained that no one made her feel welcome there. That she spent most of her time alone regardless if she was at school or not. However when her father told the family that they would be moving back, she was very happy.

After our meal, we decided to walk around the surrounding area a bit. We took some silly photos of us just for fun. There was a abandoned building nearby and for some reason Tobie felt that we should go and explore it. I was a bit nervous, but before I could think of a excuse not to she already found a opened window and crawled in. I went in after her and it was very dark. We could hardly see so I placed my hand on her shoulder as she led the way. We managed to find a staircase and at the top of it, we saw some light. When we got up to the top, we saw that the light was shining from a doorway that led to the roof. Tobie said to stay put so she could see if it was safe to go any further. I waited nervously, but in a few seconds she said to come and take a look. When I got outside to the roof, I noticed that we had a great view overlooking the countryside. The lights were coming from a nearby carnival. We sat down and just admired the view for a few moments before we both decided to visit the carnival.

When we arrived, there was everything you could imagine. Rides, games, food, shows, it was all here. We spent a good two hours just having fun and always thinking what we could see next. We spent most of our time on rides and playing games. Our last attraction for the night was this fun house exhibit that made you feel super small. We wandered around looking at everything. There was giant furniture all over the place. There was even this cat that was built so big, you felt like you were a mouse.

It was very late and we were both very tired. I try not to stay up too late on a school night, but this was a exception. I had a great time with a great friend and I didn’t want it to end. As i was driving Tobie home, she mentioned that she had to be up extra early to study. It made me feel bad that I kept her out so late, but she said it was alright and that she was having too much fun. I told her that I would drop by the next morning and we could study at the school book shop. We arrived at her home and she gave me a hug good night. I drove back to my house and quickly crawled into bed.

The next morning came and I picked Tobie up from her house. We drove over to the school book shop which also had a small coffee bar. Tobie said that she would go and get something for us to drink while I found a place where we could study. I found a couch and just laid down on it to wait for Tobie. I was so exhausted from the night before, that I just closed my eyes to rest them for a bit. I must have fallen asleep because I was awakened by a angry Kasumi…

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  1. Kasumi replied:


  2. yumidoll replied:

    YAY! Cliffhanger!

    I have to edit the other post I am working on, take Tobie name out and replace it with Tober, Oct, October,Octs, Tobs, or hmm Tber hehehe

    Nice story you got going on for October’s backgound.

  3. October Hush replied:

    “Tober” is the most common variation on my name. As I say in Midian “Only the cops and my dad call me ‘October'” 😉

    I guess that saying is not so apropos for this blog. Hmmm, maybe “Only the principal and my dad call me ‘October'” =3

    I like this a lot, spooky =)

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