… Early last week, Gin needed some models for some clothes he was designing. He asked Yumi and I if we would be interested in modeling his new creations for a advertisement. We both jumped at the chance and set a time where we could all meet. A few days later, Yumi and I met with Gin at a professional photography studio. We were very impressed by the whole layout. Gin had seperate dressing rooms for each of us. When I went into my own room, I saw that the outfit he wanted me to wear was neatly placed out on the table. They appeared to be “rave” style clothes which wasn’t a surprise to me, since Gin likes that sort of scene. I got dressed and met Yumi. We both were excited about the photo session that was about to happen. Gin had his assistant direct both of us to the background we were going to work with.

We took solo photos with each of us posing and then some shots of us posing together. Gin also had both of us dance so he could get some “action” shots as well. He never told us exactly what the advertisement was going to look like, but I wasn’t worried. Yumi and I both knew that he’s great with photography and he always comes up with creative ideas. After our session, we both changed back into our own clothes. Gin insisted to pay both of us, but we refused. He said if we wouldn’t take his money, to at least let him take us out to lunch. We agreed and went out to get some food.

I drove Yumi in my car and Gin took his car. We met at a American cafe style resturaunt. I noticed when Gin entered the resturaunt, that he had two bags with him. He each gave Yumi and I a bag and said these were the clothes that we just modeled. We were so surprised, that we each gave Gin a big hug for being so generous to us. I think all of us had fun with the whole photo session and I know it was quite productive as well. It was defnitely a good day that ended with good food and good friends.

August 24, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , . After Class, by Spooky.

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  1. yumidoll replied:

    YAY! I like the story very much!!!

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