The new Student

New student Tobie

Today afterschool I noticed Spooky leaving quickly, she was with a new girl. I waved to them but they did not seem to notice me. When I tried to catch up with Spooky I soon lost sight of her and found myself feeling sad and upset. I could not help but feel that she snuck away with this new student without saying anything to anyone. Normally Spooky will say something to me after class and want to hang out, but today I felt ditched. Who was this new girl and why did Spooky act like a stranger to me when around her?

The next day in biology class, a new girl was introduced to us all, as
October, she told the class to just call her Tober. Our teacher told Tober to go sit by me in class that we would be lab partners. Later after class, the teacher pulled me and Tober aside and explained to me the reasons for her choice, I had not been doing good in the class and Tober was an A+ student in biology in her other school, so she was hoping Tober could tutor me.

Tober & Yumi

After class Tober and I talked some, she seems very outgoing and a nice person, well I use the term person loosely, she has cat ears, a cat tail, and fur on her body. She told me she was very excited about being at this school and that one of her best friends already went here. As we talked I could not help myself thinking that her manner and body language was very boyish. She even looked at me like the boys do. I know she is a girl but half the time I found myself thinking she was a boy.

Yumi, Waff, & Tober

As we were talking Waff came in the classroom looking for me wondering what was taking me so long. I could not help but notice the similarities of Waff and Tober, they both had cat ears, a tail, and a similar fur pattern. I commented how they might be related, cousins or something, but quickly stated they had no similar family genes and seemed to hint an attraction for Waff.

We all talked and laughed before leaving the classroom. I think I like
this new student.

August 25, 2009. by Yumi.


  1. spooky replied:

    i like!

  2. October Hush replied:

    Tober’s a tomboy!

  3. Iohannes replied:

    Haha, and a cute tom boy at that. xD

  4. Clint replied:

    So cute…love the stories

    • Kasumi replied:

      We all Thank you Clint. Hope you’ll come back for more.

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