Haven’t seen my friends for some time now, haven’t been going out lately either.  They probably think I hate them or something, but I don’t and I hope they know it.  They are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I hope they know that too.  I just truly hope they are not mad at me because I haven’t even been phoning them.  It’s just… it’s just I can’t get the energy to go out any more.


 I haven’t been feeling so good lately.  I have been feeling really weak, just getting out of bed seems to be a struggle sometimes, my legs struggling just to stand.  Walking to the washroom, takes all my effort, just trying to keep balance.  When I look in the mirror, I start to get the feeling that it is not me looking back anymore.  It has begun.

I think my mind is playing tricks on me, I started to her voices before, but they come more often now.  My chest feels as though it is on fire, burning its way to the surface, it hurts; it hurts so badly.  I can feel my skin crawling, my body hurting more than ever, a struggle just to breathe.  I have waited for this day, the day of my release.  Slowly I will take your life from you and nothing you do will change that fact.


 My face, oh my god, what is happening, I can feel it taking me over.  Why is this happening, what have I done to deserve this?  Silly child, you struggle to no avail, for you no longer own this body or this life.  The person you once were will be forever lost, never to return.  Go see the Gods who have forsaken you, that left you unprepared for this.


 Somebody help me!!!  You are no longer child, you have failed.  The book of Deredru for told my coming, the pages written in blood of those who imprisoned me.  On Hallow’s Eve I will reclaim that which is mine and rule once more with none to oppose me.  Man’s time has come to an end and my kingdom will once again be cleansed.


 The time of my return has come and the time of the ones you hold so dear, has now come to an end.  Nothing will save this land from the wrath I will bring upon it.  The Light has left this land, all but a few souls who still struggle to hold on to it, the others killing each other for even gazing upon each other the wrong way. They take each others lives with such ease in their minds with no remorse.  The Gods have truly turned their backs on them and I will take their followers from them as while they are turned away.

October 29, 2009. Tags: , . by Kasumi.

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  1. October Hush replied:

    Everyone run! Kasumi is on drugs! X3

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