The right spot?

     One day after school I was goofing off at the mall and a guy came up to me and asked if he could talk to me.  It really surprised me as he came over while I was attempting to do a handstand, causing me to flop over, landing on my butt and then needing to adjust my skirt embarrassed as he looked down at me.  He said he had been watching me for a bit and had a feeling about me.  Well, that really made me feel nervous.

     He then said “Let me explain myself so I don’t make you feel like I am a pervert or anything”, he went on to explain that his name was Bozzak and he was a photographer.  He said while he was watching me, he thought I would be able to take some nice pictures.  He mentioned he had done some magazine spreads and even shot at a lot of fashion shows, with Victoria Secret being the last big one.  That surprised me because as far as I know, that is strictly VIP invitation only for a lot of people including the photographers.

     He knew he had attracted my attention and then said the one thing he would prefer is, if I had short hair.  He explained that there are a lot of models out there with long hair, but short hair was something he felt worked the best.  He felt since it is a lot harder covering up a lot of hair if you get hired to do a project that requires short or a bald cap, that it is easier to put a wig on to do one that requires long hair.  He then suggested that I would look good with short hair and should give it a try.  I told him I didn’t have any money to get a hair cut and even had to borrow money from a friend not too recently, even though she said it was a gift, to help with buying an AV Sewing Machine for my clothing design.

     He told me he thought I would be able to make a lot of money doing some modeling and things like that.  He then reached into his pocket and pulled out L$100 and held it out to me.  He said “If you want to try taking some pictures and aren’t to spooked about this whole thing, take the money and go get a hair cut.  If you decide not to, then you can keep the money for your time here, but if you do decide to, give me a call”.  He then gave me his business card and the money and walked off after a nod of his head.


     The next day at school I told Yumi about it and she said it sounded strange, but that stranger things do happen.  She went on to say that she remembered having fun doing a model shoot with Spooky for a poster ad that Gin was going be posting up at the club for some Baggy Pants he had finished making.

     I had thought about it all night long, things like what if I turned this down, I could be missing out on something big, something life changing.  Then I also thought, what is this guy was a perv, I could be getting my self into trouble.  It was so frustrating, not know what to do and it was all coming back to my head as I sat with Yumi, starting to give me a headache until she said “You know, you might look cute with short hair.”, well that was it, I decided I would cut my hair that night.


     I did want to talk to Spooky about it, but she was home getting over being sick from the past few days and didn’t answer my calls until later that night, but by then it was too late for my hair.  She came to school the next day to the surprise of me having short hair.  She didn’t really seem to like my hair cut and said she liked it long; that now it looks like the hair dresser took garden shears to it.  Well, she was close.  I let her know that she was wrong about the hair dresser part and in fact that I cut it myself because that way I was able to keep the L$100 for myself instead of paying someone else to do it.  As she rolled her eyes, she said “What am I going to do with you”.

     I explained to her what had happened two days before at the mall and she was skeptical about it.  I gave her my thoughts of “Look at all the people that have become famous just by being in the right spot at the right time”.  She then said “Look at all the people that have been taken advantage of for being in the wrong spot at the wrong time”.  I would like to say that I was right, but I also know she was too.  One thing about me is, I am a big follower of the “House of What If”, as in “What if I do this, it could come out basically 2 ways, good or bad.”, this has either saved me many of times or set me back many.  Right now I am thinking it could be good, since I am low on money, don’t have a car or a bike or even a scooter and this could bring in some extra cash that my clothes design isn’t.

     I didn’t want to wait to much longer cause the thought that he might find someone else and have no need for me anymore also echoed in my head.  So I made up my mind again.

      I pulled out his card and decided to give him a call.

December 30, 2009. by Kasumi, fashion, Location: At the Mall, Location: Gym, school.


  1. spooky replied:

    yay! yet, another entry! i liked the “spooked” part. also caught on about you cutting your hair in RL. very stealthy. will you continue this or leave it?

  2. Kasumi replied:

    Continued… ^.^

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