First Shoot

     I called the photographer and he said he was happy to hear from me.  I told him I was still a bit nervous about doing this and he understood that.  He said to make myself feel more comfortable, that I could choose the place to take the pictures and he would work from there as a starting point.

     He also remembered that I mentioned about myself doing clothing design.  He asked what types of things I have made or if I had anything available at the moment that I might want to wear while posing.  Since this is a first time shoot, the chance of him getting something for me to wear from a client would be low without seeing a portfolio first.  I told him I did and he believed for the first shoot we should do a few different types that I could even use in a portfolio if I wished to.  He suggested something that was form fitting, a bathing suit and something “different” of my choice.  I told him I had a tight fitting Tank Top, a Bikini and a Corset, if that was different enough.  He replied that would be good, that for a portfolio, agencies and clients like to see the model, not an artistic picture where you are wearing Victorian Style clothing or something like that.  It allows the clients to see what their clothing will be fitting on.

     I decided on the clothes I was going to bring and a Club that I had been to a couple of times for the shoot.  I figured it had dark lighting and would hide any flaws on my body. :p

      I met him at the club the next day and was glad to see that he didn’t get too lost with the directions I had given him.  So I forgot a turn or two… Ok, two, but at least he had GPS to help him out.  After he talked to the club owner to get permission to take pictures inside, we got to work.

     I felt awkward at first, I never really modeled before and to tell the truth, I hardly ever did the pose thing in front of the mirror at home either.  While taking the pictures, I tripped a few of times walking down the ramp at the club, one time nearly falling flat on my face.  Each time I looked up at him worried he was going to freak out on me shouting that I ruined the shot or something, but each time he looked back and smiled saying it happens to everyone.  I guess he knew I was nervous and also I had no training, how could he not since part of his job is finding new models.  Not everyone plans on going to modeling school right?  I know I didn’t, but that Rocket Scientist thing just never worked out for me, beside I would only want to be one because every morning I would walk into work releasing an evil laugh… Muh, ha, Ha, HA!!!

      After taking pictures with my Tank Top on, he suggested we try taking some in my Bikini and also down by the beach if I felt comfortable enough with him to ride in his car to get there.  I figured in the back of my head, the club owner saw us together and everyone knows from watch shows like CSI, that if someone is going to do something to you, it is best not to be seen with the victim before hand.  We packed up or things and I climbed into his Minivan.  (Yes, I was thinking it was going to be a sports car too before I saw it.)


      Down at the beach I changed into my Bikini inside the girl’s washroom and wrapped a towel around myself before coming back out.  By this time he had set up his gear on the beach facing out towards the water.  I asked where he wanted me as I held onto the towel in the slight breeze.  He replied that he wanted me out in the water cause it will show in a portfolio, that I am willing to try different and challenging things.  I wasn’t to sure what he meant by that, I mean I was just going to be standing their while he took pictures.  Of course, once I tested the water with my toe, I realized it was cold and I let him know with an “Oh my goddess, that is cold” comment or something like that.  He laughed saying “That is part of the challenge, being able to pose like there is nothing wrong while freezing you butt off.  Well that and also the waves pushing into you, throwing you off balance.  If we get a good shot out of this, trust me, clients will be impressed.”

      He asked shall we get started and I said sure.  I removed my towel and walked into the cold water now fully realizing and think to my self that they had better be impressed, because it is getting even colder the further out I go.  Not only that, but once out there, there was a ledge or a severely sharp slop right behind where I was going to be standing.  If I stepped too far back, I would be going under the water all the way to the top of my head, but luckily the waves pushing at my back, kept me from doing that.

      I started to pose, if you can call it that, and felt even more nervous than at first.  I mean how could I not, here I am posing in a Bikini, for a guy I had only just met a short time ago, standing on the edge of a big slop in freezing water, with parts of me screaming to get out, trying to take a few good shots.  Crazy, I agree, but all in all, he said it went rather well and he thinks he got a few shots as he scanned through them on his camera.  He called to me to come back in and that I could get dried off and changed again.  Well, he didn’t have to ask twice.  I ran back in, running past him, grabbing my towel off the ground and wrapping it around myself once again, all in one fluid motion as I bolted towards the warmth of the washroom to get changed.

     I put my other pair of jeans on and then my Corset, for the next shots I was hoping to take in a nice warm place somewhere.  Once I came out of the washroom, he had finished packing up his things and said shall we try the next one in the studio?  The fact that he said “in the studio” and not “in my studio”, made me feel comfortable in doing so as it sounded more public or at least more business type.  I shook my head yes and we once again climbed into his Minivan and drove off to the studio.


     We arrived at the Studio and I was please that my thoughts were right, that it was a studio and not just his apartment or something.  We got out of the Minivan and walked through the glass doors at the front.  With a smile to the girl at the front desk, he led me towards the elevator and we took it up to the third floor.  Once the doors opened, my mouth almost dropped, the floor was empty except for photography lightings, back drops and assorted camera equipment.  He turned to me and said “Welcome to the studio”.  I was still in shock of the size when I replied “Th…Thanks…”  I asked him why it was so big that aren’t you just taking pictures of a person standing still and he let me know that, that wasn’t the case.  He told me that that have taken pictures of Motorbikes in here, Cars, Trucks and even brought in an aquarium to take under water pictures of models in a controlled environment.  He said, lets take a few more pictures be fore it gets too late and see if I can do something quick with them.

     I started to pose again, this time feeling more at ease because of the surrounds I was in.  I even played at thinking I was a real model and tried to do some head turns and things while posing.  He took his shots and then walked to a computer at the desk calling me over to take a look.  He asked me to sit down and watch.  With a few quick clicks of the keyboard and flicks of the mouse, he took the pictures he just took of me and made a small ad.  He then asked me for the name I would give the Corset and a name for a designer label or something.  I told him Green Flower Corset (yes I know really original) and said KasRie for the name of the label.  It was so cool seeing the things he did in Photoshop and even cooler since it was me in the picture.  He said I could use the picture for an ad if I wanted to and gave me a copy on disc to use.

     He looked down at his watch and let me know it was getting late and that I might want to be getting home before it got dark.  As I stood up, I thanked him for the day and that if nothing came of it, at least I had fun.  He said he was sure he got some good shots and would put something together to show around.  If some showed some interest, he would give me a call.

     With that, I gave him my phone number and headed on my way home thinking to myself that I think I was in the right spot at the right time.

December 31, 2009. by Kasumi, fashion.


  1. spooky replied:

    good job! 🙂

  2. Kasumi replied:

    TY… Now you and Yumi need to catch up.

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