Art museum

Once in a while I get sad, sometimes I know why I am sad, and other times I don’t. Usually a hug from a friend will makes things better, it just does, don’t need words or anything, but when you know some cares it makes a big difference. When I am sad and by myself sometimes if feels like the end of the world, even when in 1 hour I will be with a friend getting that hug. What do you do for those 60+ long minutes of sadness?
museum stairs

I will often go to the art museum and look around. The art museum close to our school offers free entrance to all students. The museum is very peaceful and quite, and I find my mind will focus on the art works that people have spent many hours painting.
museum painting

My mind will drift off into the painting and I will breifly forget my sadness. It is a good place to go when you are sad, and soon I will find my mind settling down I have much more peace. And soon after I give my friend a call.

January 16, 2010. 15940.


  1. Kasumi replied:

    What’s wrong? Why so sad?

  2. yumidoll replied:

    I am ok 😛

  3. Tober replied:

    Aww, poor Yumi =(

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