Part time Job

I decided to get a part time job after school. There has been a few things I have been wanting to buy, but I just do not have the funds to purchase them. I looked at the help wanted section of daily paper and after reviewing all the part time jobs out there, I started to feel pretty useless as a person. I could not find any that I was qualified for. Most of the jobs requested at least 2 years previous experience.

I just don’t know how people can get experience when there is no job out there does not require experience. Determined, I circled about 15 ads that I thought I could do even though I did not qualify and then started
to make some phone calls. Call after call, the pleasant conversation would end when the employer found out I had no experience.

I was about ready to give up when my luck changed. The man at the other end of the phone said that not many people had responded to his ad about needing a part time maid, so he was going to allow me to interview for the job even though I did not have any experience.

The next day I took the bus to the richer side of the downtown. I arrived at a very tall building, I explained to the doorman why I was their and he gave me directions to the apartment I had indicated. I took the elevator to the top of the building, I had not realized he had lived in the penthouse. I crossed my fingers and knocked on the door. I well groomed man answered the door, I told him I was here for the maid job, he invited me in and we sat down in the living room.

He started to explain that he only needed a maid to come two times a week and ‘only’ for a few hours to straighten up the place and cook dinner for him. That this apartment was a secondary home for him closer
to his business, a place for him to sleep twice a week, in order to give himself a break from long commute to work. The rest of the time he would be driving two hours to his home and family. Then he asked me, “if that was alright with you, can you start tonight”?

I said “yes”, two days a week fit my schedule well especially since I was still in school. He lead me to the bedroom closet took out some clothing, handed them to me saying, “this is your uniform you can change
in the bathroom and then meet me in the kitchen”.

I quickly changed, eager to get started right away and impress my new employer. The maid outfit fit perfectly except the skirt, it was too short. I tried to pull it down some to cover more of my legs, but there
just was not enough material to pull down. Shyly I walked to the kitchen, I figured it would be ok to work in such a uniform, and as long as I did not bend over, no one would see my panties.

your dinner
When I walked in the kitchen and saw him look, it felt more like he was staring at me. I felt my face get real hot, blushing I told him “I think the outfit is too small for me”. He replied, “nonsense, it is a perfect fit.” He quickly changed the subject giving me a tour of the kitchen. I then pulled some vegtibles from the frigerator asking him if he likes vegtible soup, he nodded then sat down. I then happily started my first day as a maid cooking dinner. Occationally I felt like I he was watching me, but when I would turn around, he would be busy reading a magazine. I think this will turn out to be a good after school job and I am probably over reacting about the uniform being too short, my employer seems to think it is normal. Wait till I tell Kasumi about getting a job.

The kichen that I took these snapshots can be found at the store Gemini Dream Designs.
Here is the SLURL:

January 29, 2010. 15940.


  1. Tober replied:

    Ooh la la!

  2. spooky replied:

    ooh i just saw this blog now. very nice, you should write more often!

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