Something happened that I am a little embarrassed about, I can feel my face getting all flushed even now as I think about it. Yesterday when I was taking a break from dusting a bookshelf, I put my Jacket on and went outside for my break. I often go across the street to the arcade that is close to apartment that I clean. And cleaning a bookshelf is an endless task, I don’t know where all that dust comes from, every week there is a new layer waiting for me. My employer has so many books and is often actively reading at his desk while he supervises me. I think he cares for his books very much since he watches intently that I dust them with care.

Dance revolution
I am getting off track, back to the arcade, it is full of many fun games old to new. I played my favorite game, Dance Revolution, for a bit, I always make the high score with that game. When it comes to rhythm and music, I am a natural. It is when I switched to the game Ms Packman that the incident occurred.
Ms Packman
I was working hard to bump the initials KAS off from the high score list, maneuvering through the maze and avoiding the ghosts when I noticed some guy watching me. At first I thought he might be a fan of the game and really interested in my skill so I did not give it much though until I heard a clinking noise. He had dropped a bunch of tokens on the floor. I looked behind of me to see him on his knees reaching for the dropped tokens, but his face was looking up at me. And from his angle I realized he could see underneath my uniform dress. I turned back to the game trying to pretend I did not notice and concentrate on the game, but I kept thinking about him staring at me, and him seeing under my dress and then I began to have a hot pleasurable sensation between my legs. In a flash I felt my face go hot, so embarrassed to realize I was enjoying to have the stranger looking me in such a way. I quickly abandoned my game dropped my head to hide and left the arcade.
ms packman from below

As I started working again, I was thinking about what happened, feeling a big ashamed for the way I was feeling of enjoying it, even nothing happened. I should of listened to Kasumi to wear shorts under my skirt then this would of never happened.

March 10, 2010. 15940.


  1. spooky replied:

    … but Kasumi never wears anything either. she even tells me she forgets when she changes outfits!

  2. Kasumi replied:

    That’s why I say wear shorts, to easy to forget to put you undies on.

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