It has started, I will take the ones closest to you and your heart will finally fall allowing me full use of my power.   I won’t let you do this, I can’t let you.  You have no choice child, you have no idea on how to stop me.  That is where you are wrong.  I know… I know now.  You forget, you are a part of me as I am a part of you; I know how to defeat you.  You know nothing!  I control this body; you can do nothing to stop me.  You have no means of gathering the light for your use; no means of orchestrating a thousand souls in giving the light.  Think that if you wish, you will be defeated before you can even have the power to start to wreck havoc.  Foolishness…

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Haven’t seen my friends for some time now, haven’t been going out lately either.  They probably think I hate them or something, but I don’t and I hope they know it.  They are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I hope they know that too.  I just truly hope they are not mad at me because I haven’t even been phoning them.  It’s just… it’s just I can’t get the energy to go out any more.


 I haven’t been feeling so good lately.  I have been feeling really weak, just getting out of bed seems to be a struggle sometimes, my legs struggling just to stand.  Walking to the washroom, takes all my effort, just trying to keep balance.  When I look in the mirror, I start to get the feeling that it is not me looking back anymore.  It has begun.

I think my mind is playing tricks on me, I started to her voices before, but they come more often now.  My chest feels as though it is on fire, burning its way to the surface, it hurts; it hurts so badly.  I can feel my skin crawling, my body hurting more than ever, a struggle just to breathe.  I have waited for this day, the day of my release.  Slowly I will take your life from you and nothing you do will change that fact.


 My face, oh my god, what is happening, I can feel it taking me over.  Why is this happening, what have I done to deserve this?  Silly child, you struggle to no avail, for you no longer own this body or this life.  The person you once were will be forever lost, never to return.  Go see the Gods who have forsaken you, that left you unprepared for this.


 Somebody help me!!!  You are no longer child, you have failed.  The book of Deredru for told my coming, the pages written in blood of those who imprisoned me.  On Hallow’s Eve I will reclaim that which is mine and rule once more with none to oppose me.  Man’s time has come to an end and my kingdom will once again be cleansed.


 The time of my return has come and the time of the ones you hold so dear, has now come to an end.  Nothing will save this land from the wrath I will bring upon it.  The Light has left this land, all but a few souls who still struggle to hold on to it, the others killing each other for even gazing upon each other the wrong way. They take each others lives with such ease in their minds with no remorse.  The Gods have truly turned their backs on them and I will take their followers from them as while they are turned away.

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     Hallow’s Eve is upon us, the eve of my release.  My time has come and yet these humans pay no heed.  Lost are the days of old and with it the knowledge of my coming and therefore the knowledge that could save them.  The book of Deredru foretold my coming, my return to my kingdom, but none have kept this knowledge alive.  Those who knew have passed long ago, dying in the Plague of Black, a plague brought upon by my own will.  A plague of which had cleansed my kingdom of 100 million lives that would have passed on the knowledge of the book of Deredru.  A plague of which is now only remembered in a mere child’s nursery rhyme.

     I have been imprisoned here for many millennia, but they knew they could not hold me forever, that one day I would leave this prison.  That I would return to reclaim what is rightfully mine, to reclaim my kingdom from the humans as their Gods watch on helplessly, for even they it seems have forsaken them.  I waited, watching great battles that have scorched my kingdom all in the name of false prophets. They fight amongst themselves, fighting endless battles that have no victor, only death.  My return will make their great wars look a though they were mere childish bickering.

     Let it be known, with my coming, that all will fall, human and god.  Every god that was once prayed to will now pray to me, kneeling to my command.  I will cleanse my kingdom once again with my bare hands and let the blood of the humans turn it red.

     The Light is no more, and it shall never imprison me again.

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     Ever since I read that book and found my name written in it, I have been feeling like things have changed.  I just seem to be more distant from everyone now, not hanging out like I used to, even when I am with my friends, my mind tends to wander.  I have even missed whole conversations due to it with Spooky joking that I was probably thinking of some TV show or something, but I wish I was.  It is like I try to be there, but something keeps pulling me away.

     I have also been having nightmares recently, I wake up trying to quickly sketch what I dreamt.  I have visions of my friends in pain, being tortured and dying slowly.  I see them on the ground screaming out in pain and a city on fire behind them in the distance.  I then notice someone standing over them laughing, but when I try to get close to see the person, they disappear leaving me standing in the middle of my friends all reaching for me.  I have woken up each time crying, but I find myself crying less and less with each nightmare.

     I will stand in the bathroom staring at the mirror, my clothes covered in sweat, reassuring myself that I was awake, trying to convince myself to go back to bed.  I was afraid to close my eyes again at first, sitting up the rest of the night till morning when I could go out and get my mind of off things.  I still need to let myself know it is only a dream because it feels so real, but I have come up with the courage to go back to sleep. The dream doesn’t seem to come back for the rest of the night.

     I can feel my heart sinking more and more everyday, hurting so badly some days, a hurt that just pulls at my breast as if my heart was being torn out.  I now feel I am in a constant struggle with myself, not knowing what to do or how to handle it.  Even things around me seem to be changing, I am not sure why, but things I used to find that mattered to me before are now loosing my interest.  I just don’t know, but I think this dream has something to do with it. 

     Like always it seems, I finally decide to head back to bed while telling myself that luckily it is only a dream.

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     Spooky and I planned on hanging out Thursday night and she never came.  I waited outside for her to pick me up for 3 hours, with each look at my watch reassuring myself that she would be here and that each minute lost waiting could still be made up by maybe hanging out a bit longer before having to head home.  I called Yumi to see if she had heard from her, as I was starting to think that something bad might have happened to her.  Yumi said she remembered Spooky mentioned that she was going out with that girl October.  I couldn’t believe it; Spooky didn’t show up at all, she didn’t even call to say she wasn’t coming, she had me so worried that something bad had happened and now to know she went out with someone else, WTF!  I know I haven’t been spending a lot of time with my friends throughout the week or on the weekends, but to be forgotten like that hurts.

     As I was walking to school by myself the next day, since Spooky never showed up again that morning, I decided to head to the book store to pick up another sketchbook so I could work on some more clothes designs for myself.  I walked in and noticed it was a bit more quite than usual for a Friday morning and made my way to the back shelf to pick up my sketchbook.  As I walked towards it, I noticed Spooky lying on the couch asleep. From there I can’t really remember exactly what happened as it all happened so fast.  I just filled up with rage and walked over to her yelling her name loud enough to jolt her out of her sleep.  I “explained” that I had waited outside for 3 hours for her to come pick me up since we had planned a week ago to be going out that night.  How I was worried that something had happened to her at first until I heard from Yumi that she had gone out with October.  I told her it was funny that we had been friends since we were young and even considered her a sister, but that a childhood friend of hers, that I haven’t even met yet, coming back could change that so fast.

     I felt a tear starting to run down my cheek and didn’t want her to see me crying, so I quickly turned and started to run off bumping into another girl as she was walking holding drinks.  I am not sure if I knocked her drinks down or not, but I do remember hearing a bell ring in my ear as I pushed past her heading towards the door.  I could feel the eyes of everyone in the store looking at me as I ran out in tears.  I didn’t know what to do after that, how could I go to school knowing I might run into Spooky in the halls, I couldn’t face her right now, not after the way I lashed out.  Instead I took a walk to the forest near the school to think things over and cool down a bit.  I sat on a rock, trying to relax, but could hear all the students in the distance as they walked towards school as the first bell started to ring.  I thought it best that I go to school and carry on my day the best I could.

     After my first class, I walked up to my locker to see Yumi getting her things out of her locker for biology.  She mentioned that she hadn’t seen Spooky or Waff in class, but that Lan and Spooky were making plans for a beach party later that day.  I am not sure why, but when Yumi started to mention a dream of hers, I just seemed to zone out.  My mind just seemed to cloud over with thoughts of all that has been happening.  The bell rang and I zoned in again noticing Yumi staring at me, a bit startled.  I grabbed my book from my locker and nudged her as we headed off to class.

     The day seemed to pass awfully slowly and after school I noticed no one was around.  One of Yumi’s gym class friends told me she had snuck off during class so I guess that meant she was going to the beach, I snickered.  Since I haven’t been spending a lot of time with my friends, I headed home to get my bikini to wear and then headed down to the beach to be with them.  Once I got there though, I saw Spooky out in the water surfing. I still couldn’t bring myself to face her, so instead I waited by the parking lot behind some trees.  I sat and closed my eyes to enjoy the last rays of the sun before it started to slip in behind the horizon.  I heard a car start up about 45 minutes after sitting down and looked over my shoulder to notice it was Spooky’s car.  It looked like she had decided to head home earlier than the rest and with a rev of her engine, she drove off.  With Spooky now gone, I went down to see everyone else.  I spent the rest of Friday night with them trying to have fun, but always looking over my shoulder in case Spooky was to come back.  Yumi mentioned to me that she and Spooky were going to meet up with Gin in a couple of days and take some photos for an ad he was working on.  She said I should tag along, that it would be fun, I actually think she knew there was something wrong and wanted to try to make things right again.  I passed on her invitation to join them knowing I was not just ready.

     Now it’s Tuesday night, I still haven’t faced Spooky yet, leaving for school earlier in the morning so I wouldn’t see her if she came to walk with me and avoiding her in the halls by ducking around the corners till she left.  I know I won’t be able to keep this up for long, we have too many class together and I can’t keep skipping them the way I have been doing the past 2 days.  I now also learned that October has been placed in our biology class and was introduced to the class, she might even be tutoring Yumi soon.  I guess I should have sucked it up and went that day, maybe we could have met.  From what I have heard, October seems like a nice girl, even Gin and Yumi say so, but that is all hear say for me, we have never met so I cannot say for sure.  Is it right for me to be feeling this way?  I know Spooky loves me like a sister and I know she hasn’t seen October for quite some time, but for some reason I just feel so alone and unwanted.  Why do I feel that, ever since October has come back, Spooky had started too drifted further away?

     Why am I starting to get the feeling that I am once again alone?

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The new Student

New student Tobie

Today afterschool I noticed Spooky leaving quickly, she was with a new girl. I waved to them but they did not seem to notice me. When I tried to catch up with Spooky I soon lost sight of her and found myself feeling sad and upset. I could not help but feel that she snuck away with this new student without saying anything to anyone. Normally Spooky will say something to me after class and want to hang out, but today I felt ditched. Who was this new girl and why did Spooky act like a stranger to me when around her?

The next day in biology class, a new girl was introduced to us all, as
October, she told the class to just call her Tober. Our teacher told Tober to go sit by me in class that we would be lab partners. Later after class, the teacher pulled me and Tober aside and explained to me the reasons for her choice, I had not been doing good in the class and Tober was an A+ student in biology in her other school, so she was hoping Tober could tutor me.

Tober & Yumi

After class Tober and I talked some, she seems very outgoing and a nice person, well I use the term person loosely, she has cat ears, a cat tail, and fur on her body. She told me she was very excited about being at this school and that one of her best friends already went here. As we talked I could not help myself thinking that her manner and body language was very boyish. She even looked at me like the boys do. I know she is a girl but half the time I found myself thinking she was a boy.

Yumi, Waff, & Tober

As we were talking Waff came in the classroom looking for me wondering what was taking me so long. I could not help but notice the similarities of Waff and Tober, they both had cat ears, a tail, and a similar fur pattern. I commented how they might be related, cousins or something, but quickly stated they had no similar family genes and seemed to hint an attraction for Waff.

We all talked and laughed before leaving the classroom. I think I like
this new student.

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… Early last week, Gin needed some models for some clothes he was designing. He asked Yumi and I if we would be interested in modeling his new creations for a advertisement. We both jumped at the chance and set a time where we could all meet. A few days later, Yumi and I met with Gin at a professional photography studio. We were very impressed by the whole layout. Gin had seperate dressing rooms for each of us. When I went into my own room, I saw that the outfit he wanted me to wear was neatly placed out on the table. They appeared to be “rave” style clothes which wasn’t a surprise to me, since Gin likes that sort of scene. I got dressed and met Yumi. We both were excited about the photo session that was about to happen. Gin had his assistant direct both of us to the background we were going to work with.

We took solo photos with each of us posing and then some shots of us posing together. Gin also had both of us dance so he could get some “action” shots as well. He never told us exactly what the advertisement was going to look like, but I wasn’t worried. Yumi and I both knew that he’s great with photography and he always comes up with creative ideas. After our session, we both changed back into our own clothes. Gin insisted to pay both of us, but we refused. He said if we wouldn’t take his money, to at least let him take us out to lunch. We agreed and went out to get some food.

I drove Yumi in my car and Gin took his car. We met at a American cafe style resturaunt. I noticed when Gin entered the resturaunt, that he had two bags with him. He each gave Yumi and I a bag and said these were the clothes that we just modeled. We were so surprised, that we each gave Gin a big hug for being so generous to us. I think all of us had fun with the whole photo session and I know it was quite productive as well. It was defnitely a good day that ended with good food and good friends.

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