I got a phone call from Bozzak, the photographer who invited me to take pictures.  He said he had shown the pictures he had taken around and had gotten “positive” feed back on them, one of them being from his contact with Victoria Secret.  I could feel I was blushing as I said “Oh my god, really?”.   He asked if I had thought anymore about it or if it was something I would consider doing.  I told him I had fun and didn’t think anything would come from it, but now hearing that someone liked it, it is something I would like to try again.  “Great” he said, “We can take some more pictures and prove it wasn’t just a fluke”.  I laughed and said “Yea”.

     He told me he had a small client that was looking to do a spread or an ad and figured if I was interested he would suggest me to them and see what they would say.  He said it was a “win-win situation, since it would help both them and me out.  With me being new, they wouldn’t need to pay as much as they would if they had a professional model work with them and would help me because I would be getting paid out if it”.  I replied “Yeah, that would be great.” trying to hide my excitement that I know I didn’t do a good job at.  He explained he would contact them and tell them about me, if they were ok with it, he asked if it would be ok if he set up an appointment for me to meet with them.  I replied again “Yeah, that would be great also.” my heart started to race and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.  He must have realized I was getting nervous again because he said I would have nothing to worry about when meeting them, that they had already chosen me and I would have to try and sell myself to them.  He added that he would also be there and take on any of the hard questions they might have, but he doubted they would have any.

     He explained a bit more about what to expect and what not to, then he said he would let me know how things went and would get back to me in a few days.  After saying good-bye and hanging up the phone, I think got the biggest smile I had ever had in my life.  I squealed out loud and said to myself, “I got to call the others!” picking up the phone as I began dialing.

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It has come Demon, the day of your demise.

You have no power over me child, you can not defeat me.

It is not my power that will return you to your prison, but the Light of a thousand souls.

You have no power and no means to gather such power.

I will not need to, only channel it.  You have spent many millennia in you prison, concentrating so much on your escape, so much on the bad that have happened in this world, but not on the good.  Not on the good that has come from the bad.  You yourself have forgotten the words from the book of Deredru, foretelling your return and you demise.

You talk of the Light.  The Light has left this world.

There you are wrong.  A gathering of the Light of a thousand souls, in sorrow for the loss of ones that gave their lives.  You paid heed only to the great wars that scarred this planet, that ended family lines, but not to the days that followed.  Days where the losses were remembered, days called Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, National Day and The Day of Peace in the Flanders Fields.  This day is that day, the day of Light where not a thousand, but millions gather in sorrow to remember the ones who have been lost.

This can not be.  Your gods have turned their backs on you, you can not do this.


They have not turned their backs on us, only given us more freedom to choose our paths.  Some will turn down the wrong one, but more of us everyday day make the right choice and it is those that will keep us safe from you.

I can not believe.

 That is why you have failed.



     I awoke scared, surrounded by Nurses and a Doctor trying to comfort me.  I was confused, not knowing what was going on.  My heart ached with the feeling that Spooky was gone.  What had I done, Spooky was one of my closest friends and I had killed her.

     Just then, Spooky and Yumi came walking into the room, I could feel a tear roll down my cheek when I saw them.  They both smiled and Yumi asked me how I was doing, I replied that I was feeling good, but didn’t know what was going on.  Spooky told me they had not heard from me for some time and with my parents being away, they couldn’t ask them where I was.  They had both come over to my place and found me lying on the floor of my bedroom where they then called an ambulance.

     It turns out; the demon had tried to trick me to believe I had killed Spooky, her twisted thoughts painting a picture of Spooky lying dead in her own blood.  The demons hold on me had not taken over me fully like she wanted me to believe; she was only set free on Halloween, but had not regained her powers.  She needed me to give up and thought by showing me Spooky dead that the loss of a friend would weaken me, but it only made me stronger.  My will to fight back grew with the thought that she could take more of my friend away from me.  The demon has been returned and nobody knows about it, or they no longer know about it.  I have trouble remembering the details of what has happened, past days drawing a blank in my memory.  I don’t know if I am loosing what has happened or if it was even real, but for some reason I seem to remember something about a book.  Maybe I should take a trip to the library and check something out to read.

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It has started, I will take the ones closest to you and your heart will finally fall allowing me full use of my power.   I won’t let you do this, I can’t let you.  You have no choice child, you have no idea on how to stop me.  That is where you are wrong.  I know… I know now.  You forget, you are a part of me as I am a part of you; I know how to defeat you.  You know nothing!  I control this body; you can do nothing to stop me.  You have no means of gathering the light for your use; no means of orchestrating a thousand souls in giving the light.  Think that if you wish, you will be defeated before you can even have the power to start to wreck havoc.  Foolishness…

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Haven’t seen my friends for some time now, haven’t been going out lately either.  They probably think I hate them or something, but I don’t and I hope they know it.  They are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I hope they know that too.  I just truly hope they are not mad at me because I haven’t even been phoning them.  It’s just… it’s just I can’t get the energy to go out any more.


 I haven’t been feeling so good lately.  I have been feeling really weak, just getting out of bed seems to be a struggle sometimes, my legs struggling just to stand.  Walking to the washroom, takes all my effort, just trying to keep balance.  When I look in the mirror, I start to get the feeling that it is not me looking back anymore.  It has begun.

I think my mind is playing tricks on me, I started to her voices before, but they come more often now.  My chest feels as though it is on fire, burning its way to the surface, it hurts; it hurts so badly.  I can feel my skin crawling, my body hurting more than ever, a struggle just to breathe.  I have waited for this day, the day of my release.  Slowly I will take your life from you and nothing you do will change that fact.


 My face, oh my god, what is happening, I can feel it taking me over.  Why is this happening, what have I done to deserve this?  Silly child, you struggle to no avail, for you no longer own this body or this life.  The person you once were will be forever lost, never to return.  Go see the Gods who have forsaken you, that left you unprepared for this.


 Somebody help me!!!  You are no longer child, you have failed.  The book of Deredru for told my coming, the pages written in blood of those who imprisoned me.  On Hallow’s Eve I will reclaim that which is mine and rule once more with none to oppose me.  Man’s time has come to an end and my kingdom will once again be cleansed.


 The time of my return has come and the time of the ones you hold so dear, has now come to an end.  Nothing will save this land from the wrath I will bring upon it.  The Light has left this land, all but a few souls who still struggle to hold on to it, the others killing each other for even gazing upon each other the wrong way. They take each others lives with such ease in their minds with no remorse.  The Gods have truly turned their backs on them and I will take their followers from them as while they are turned away.

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Beach Party

on the boat at the beach

Spooky has been spending most of her free time at the beach surfing. I hope her studies will not suffer. She came to me the other day saying I should take a break away from my studies and go to the beach and later I saw her and Lan making plans for a beach party.

Friday came around and it was such a beautiful day I thought about
skipping class, but some how I managed to pull myself out of bed and get there. To my surprise I did not see Waff or Spooky in the classroom. Lan whispered to me that morning during before class that they all planned to have the the beach party today after school and told me to pass the information on. She said she had come prepared for the beach, looking around seeing we were alone, she lifted up her skirt showing off her bikini. She then said she planned to ditch her last class and head straight to the beach before all the good sun was gone.

I spoke with Kasumi in the hallway while getting my books out for
biology class, my locker is right next to hers and I started telling her
about my morning, no Waff or Spooky, Lan’s plan to skip PE, the beach party, and about a strange dream I had of her turning into a cat and started to hunt mice, haha, I had a good laugh about that last one. I was telling Kasumi I might ditch PE to leave for the beach early and hinting to her that she should do the same, though she seemed not to hear, in fact she seemed to be in her own dream world ever since I mentioned my dream to her. The bell rang and we ran off to our next class.

The day went on forever and I kept glancing at the clock, when PE finally came around, I changed into my shorts then went out to the field I could not see Lan anywhere. Our instructor told us to jog 3 laps around the track, on my first lap I jogged slowly letting everyone pass me, and then looking both ways I veered off to the right and went through a hole in the fence, and kept on jogging back to the dorm in order to change into my swimming suit. I have a bathing suit in the Locker room at school, but it is not the cute bikini that I wanted to wear for the beach.

Lan and Yumi in the water at the beach

When I finally got to the beach, the first person I saw was Lan, she was laying down soaking up the sun rays. I asked her about Spooky and Waff, but she said she had not seen them. I tried calling them on my cell, but got no answer. Lan and I walked along the beach taking in the surroundings, it was a tropical paradise, a place to forget about everything. As we walked I saw a seal out on the ocean, it was moving closer to the shore, I soon realized it was a person surfing, it was Spooky.

waff diving

Lan and I started to wade out into the water waving to Spooky, then Waff popped his head out of the water, he was wearing snorkeling gear. We all played in the water, I love playing in the water especially with friends, and with the hot sun burning down on us, it felt so refreshing.

with spooky

Kasumi eventually showed and then Napili. Napili had been the last one to come, she was going to ditch class with Lan, but she had to meet with one of her teachers after class.

cute snapshot beach

We all played at the beach and in the water until the sun went down. It is so pretty when the sun goes down and gets so orange reflecting on the clear blue water. Once the sun set, it got cold real fast. I wrapped my towel around my body and we all hurried back to the dorms joking and laughing all still so excited about the fun we had at the beach.

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October Night.

… This semester, a childhood friend of mine transferred to our school. Her family moved away about four years ago due to her father’s job. Fortunately, things went well for her family and they moved back to our neighbourhood. In those four years, we drifted apart. We tried our best to keep in touch, but with distance it’s never easy. I’m very glad she’s back and we seem to be catching up very quickly. Her name is October.

It was until last week, that we finally had a chance to hang out just the two of us. With hectic schedules, it just seems like we can never put the time aside to get together. On Tuesday Tobie(i’m the only one who gets to call her this) came up to me at school and said that Thursday evening would be free for her. She said she wanted to make plans to go out and without hesitation, I said yes. However, it wasn’t until the next day at school that Kasumi reminded me that I made plans with her for Thursday the week before.

The school day came and went quickly. I was so excited that Tobie and I were finally going to hang out, that I was in a daze for most of the day. I drove to her house to pick her up that evening. We both agreed that getting some food would be best for starters. Tobie’s favourite resturaunt was a Japanese Sushi Bar just at the edge of the city. I knew she hadn’t been there since she moved, so I suggested we go there. She loved the idea and we raced over.

Over our meal, we talked and laughed about school, friends, and life in general. I was glad to see her laugh and smile. It was just way too long to be apart and I knew she missed her life back here. Moving to a different city was very hard on her and she went thru a major depression. She told me a bit of how the school was and about the people. She explained that no one made her feel welcome there. That she spent most of her time alone regardless if she was at school or not. However when her father told the family that they would be moving back, she was very happy.

After our meal, we decided to walk around the surrounding area a bit. We took some silly photos of us just for fun. There was a abandoned building nearby and for some reason Tobie felt that we should go and explore it. I was a bit nervous, but before I could think of a excuse not to she already found a opened window and crawled in. I went in after her and it was very dark. We could hardly see so I placed my hand on her shoulder as she led the way. We managed to find a staircase and at the top of it, we saw some light. When we got up to the top, we saw that the light was shining from a doorway that led to the roof. Tobie said to stay put so she could see if it was safe to go any further. I waited nervously, but in a few seconds she said to come and take a look. When I got outside to the roof, I noticed that we had a great view overlooking the countryside. The lights were coming from a nearby carnival. We sat down and just admired the view for a few moments before we both decided to visit the carnival.

When we arrived, there was everything you could imagine. Rides, games, food, shows, it was all here. We spent a good two hours just having fun and always thinking what we could see next. We spent most of our time on rides and playing games. Our last attraction for the night was this fun house exhibit that made you feel super small. We wandered around looking at everything. There was giant furniture all over the place. There was even this cat that was built so big, you felt like you were a mouse.

It was very late and we were both very tired. I try not to stay up too late on a school night, but this was a exception. I had a great time with a great friend and I didn’t want it to end. As i was driving Tobie home, she mentioned that she had to be up extra early to study. It made me feel bad that I kept her out so late, but she said it was alright and that she was having too much fun. I told her that I would drop by the next morning and we could study at the school book shop. We arrived at her home and she gave me a hug good night. I drove back to my house and quickly crawled into bed.

The next morning came and I picked Tobie up from her house. We drove over to the school book shop which also had a small coffee bar. Tobie said that she would go and get something for us to drink while I found a place where we could study. I found a couch and just laid down on it to wait for Tobie. I was so exhausted from the night before, that I just closed my eyes to rest them for a bit. I must have fallen asleep because I was awakened by a angry Kasumi…

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Work and Play.

… My most recent assignment in art class was to complete a project using culture as the subject. Already having some ideas in mind, I invited Kasumi and Gin to tag along as models. We first visited a art muesum which had a lovely garden out in front. I thought the flowers that were on display would compliment our school uniforms. Gin suggested posing in the flowers, but Kasumi didn’t want to get her new shoes dirty. It was then I suggested that we should pose with the flowers behind us while standing on the pavement. We didn’t have time to go into the museum because i had two other locations i wanted to visit before the day was over.

There’s a shopping centre in town that is based around a old Mission. All the shops surrounding the Mission are built with a Spanish style look to them. Kasumi and I couldn’t resist to spend a few minutes window shopping. Gin lost his paitence with us and decided to wander the Mission by himself. We met in front of the Mission about an hour later, then took some photos. Afterwards, we stopped to have some lunch. We all agreed on Italian. There was one more place i wanted to take photos at. It was at a Japanese Garden a few miles outside of town.

As we drove into the parking lot, I noticed that there were not many vehicles there. Maybe because it was about an hour before closing time. I didn’t want to deal with too many people while I was taking photos anyways. I didn’t as many photos as I wanted to. I guess we were too busy just appreciating the scenery all around us. For some reason, Gin was in a obnoxious mood and was being loud. Kasumi and I lost him in garden maze and we just took some photos together. A little later we met up and took some group shots in a rock garden. It was getting to dark, so we decided to leave shortly after.

I dropped Gin off at his home and drove Kasumi back to her house. She invited me in for dinner and we spoke of how productive the day was. I was just happy that the school week was over and the weekend was here. We thought about what to do for fun that night. Kasumi suggested that we should go out to a club later. I agreed it was a good idea and drove back home to change. I picked out something casual and comfortable. When i got back to Kasumi’s house she met me out in front and we drove off. Both of us don’t go out to clubs that much, so we just drove around a lot. Kasumi made several calls to some friends for club suggestions, however none of the choices sounded very appealing.

We found ourselves at a Japanese Karaoke Bar. There was a bit of a crowd, but we managed to find a small booth to sit at. Neither of us had any courage to make a attempt to sing in front of everyone, so we just observed. I found that we actually enjoyed the Karaoke experience having never been to this sort of bar before. About an hour after we arrived, a set of drinks were sent over to us by two older Japanese men that appeared to be in their early 30’s. After politely not accepting, the men came over and introduced themselves. We invited them to sit down with us and watch the performers. Being as protective as I am, i kept my eye on Kasumi. If these men seemed to be a nuisance, we would quickly leave. Between songs, the men tried to keep up small talk. Nothing very interesting was said and i was trying to watch the singers up on stage. Kasumi was being nice to each of them, but letting them also know that we are not interested in any relationships at this point in time. This was fortunate, because they were not very forward or aggressive. Another hour passed and it was getting late. We had to wake up early the next morning to go surfing. After months of annoying Kasumi, she finally agreed to letting me teach her how to surf. I didn’t want to miss my big chance, so we said good night to our new admirers and drove home.

We woke up at four in the morning to get an early start. I stayed at Kasumi’s to save time so we could leave directly from her place. She wanted to sleep in, but finally gave in to my attempts to get her out of bed. The weather at the beach was a bit cool at first but warmed up eventually. Kasumi always had a slight fear from being in the water, but i convinced her everything would be alright and that she would have a good time. I told her to watch me a few times and then she could try on her own. After a few tries, she managed to get it right and even pull off some moves. We spent several hours at the beach and later had dinner at a resturaunt. Kasumi couldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed surfing and that she wanted to surf again the weekend after. We also joked around about the men we met the night before. We left the resturaunt and i dropped Kasumi off at her house. As i was driving home, i was looking forward to a nice sleep. Hopefully the week will go by quick and we can have another nice weekend.

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