Hallow’s Eve is upon us, the eve of my release.  My time has come and yet these humans pay no heed.  Lost are the days of old and with it the knowledge of my coming and therefore the knowledge that could save them.  The book of Deredru foretold my coming, my return to my kingdom, but none have kept this knowledge alive.  Those who knew have passed long ago, dying in the Plague of Black, a plague brought upon by my own will.  A plague of which had cleansed my kingdom of 100 million lives that would have passed on the knowledge of the book of Deredru.  A plague of which is now only remembered in a mere child’s nursery rhyme.

     I have been imprisoned here for many millennia, but they knew they could not hold me forever, that one day I would leave this prison.  That I would return to reclaim what is rightfully mine, to reclaim my kingdom from the humans as their Gods watch on helplessly, for even they it seems have forsaken them.  I waited, watching great battles that have scorched my kingdom all in the name of false prophets. They fight amongst themselves, fighting endless battles that have no victor, only death.  My return will make their great wars look a though they were mere childish bickering.

     Let it be known, with my coming, that all will fall, human and god.  Every god that was once prayed to will now pray to me, kneeling to my command.  I will cleanse my kingdom once again with my bare hands and let the blood of the humans turn it red.

     The Light is no more, and it shall never imprison me again.

October 21, 2009. Tags: . by Kasumi.

One Comment

  1. spooky replied:

    i’m all for the returning. btw FYI, there’s nothing more satisfying than to make Noobies feast on themselves. try that for starters, then if you like that by all means destroy the world! 😛

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