It has come Demon, the day of your demise.

You have no power over me child, you can not defeat me.

It is not my power that will return you to your prison, but the Light of a thousand souls.

You have no power and no means to gather such power.

I will not need to, only channel it.  You have spent many millennia in you prison, concentrating so much on your escape, so much on the bad that have happened in this world, but not on the good.  Not on the good that has come from the bad.  You yourself have forgotten the words from the book of Deredru, foretelling your return and you demise.

You talk of the Light.  The Light has left this world.

There you are wrong.  A gathering of the Light of a thousand souls, in sorrow for the loss of ones that gave their lives.  You paid heed only to the great wars that scarred this planet, that ended family lines, but not to the days that followed.  Days where the losses were remembered, days called Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, National Day and The Day of Peace in the Flanders Fields.  This day is that day, the day of Light where not a thousand, but millions gather in sorrow to remember the ones who have been lost.

This can not be.  Your gods have turned their backs on you, you can not do this.


They have not turned their backs on us, only given us more freedom to choose our paths.  Some will turn down the wrong one, but more of us everyday day make the right choice and it is those that will keep us safe from you.

I can not believe.

 That is why you have failed.



     I awoke scared, surrounded by Nurses and a Doctor trying to comfort me.  I was confused, not knowing what was going on.  My heart ached with the feeling that Spooky was gone.  What had I done, Spooky was one of my closest friends and I had killed her.

     Just then, Spooky and Yumi came walking into the room, I could feel a tear roll down my cheek when I saw them.  They both smiled and Yumi asked me how I was doing, I replied that I was feeling good, but didn’t know what was going on.  Spooky told me they had not heard from me for some time and with my parents being away, they couldn’t ask them where I was.  They had both come over to my place and found me lying on the floor of my bedroom where they then called an ambulance.

     It turns out; the demon had tried to trick me to believe I had killed Spooky, her twisted thoughts painting a picture of Spooky lying dead in her own blood.  The demons hold on me had not taken over me fully like she wanted me to believe; she was only set free on Halloween, but had not regained her powers.  She needed me to give up and thought by showing me Spooky dead that the loss of a friend would weaken me, but it only made me stronger.  My will to fight back grew with the thought that she could take more of my friend away from me.  The demon has been returned and nobody knows about it, or they no longer know about it.  I have trouble remembering the details of what has happened, past days drawing a blank in my memory.  I don’t know if I am loosing what has happened or if it was even real, but for some reason I seem to remember something about a book.  Maybe I should take a trip to the library and check something out to read.

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It has started, I will take the ones closest to you and your heart will finally fall allowing me full use of my power.   I won’t let you do this, I can’t let you.  You have no choice child, you have no idea on how to stop me.  That is where you are wrong.  I know… I know now.  You forget, you are a part of me as I am a part of you; I know how to defeat you.  You know nothing!  I control this body; you can do nothing to stop me.  You have no means of gathering the light for your use; no means of orchestrating a thousand souls in giving the light.  Think that if you wish, you will be defeated before you can even have the power to start to wreck havoc.  Foolishness…

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Haven’t seen my friends for some time now, haven’t been going out lately either.  They probably think I hate them or something, but I don’t and I hope they know it.  They are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I hope they know that too.  I just truly hope they are not mad at me because I haven’t even been phoning them.  It’s just… it’s just I can’t get the energy to go out any more.


 I haven’t been feeling so good lately.  I have been feeling really weak, just getting out of bed seems to be a struggle sometimes, my legs struggling just to stand.  Walking to the washroom, takes all my effort, just trying to keep balance.  When I look in the mirror, I start to get the feeling that it is not me looking back anymore.  It has begun.

I think my mind is playing tricks on me, I started to her voices before, but they come more often now.  My chest feels as though it is on fire, burning its way to the surface, it hurts; it hurts so badly.  I can feel my skin crawling, my body hurting more than ever, a struggle just to breathe.  I have waited for this day, the day of my release.  Slowly I will take your life from you and nothing you do will change that fact.


 My face, oh my god, what is happening, I can feel it taking me over.  Why is this happening, what have I done to deserve this?  Silly child, you struggle to no avail, for you no longer own this body or this life.  The person you once were will be forever lost, never to return.  Go see the Gods who have forsaken you, that left you unprepared for this.


 Somebody help me!!!  You are no longer child, you have failed.  The book of Deredru for told my coming, the pages written in blood of those who imprisoned me.  On Hallow’s Eve I will reclaim that which is mine and rule once more with none to oppose me.  Man’s time has come to an end and my kingdom will once again be cleansed.


 The time of my return has come and the time of the ones you hold so dear, has now come to an end.  Nothing will save this land from the wrath I will bring upon it.  The Light has left this land, all but a few souls who still struggle to hold on to it, the others killing each other for even gazing upon each other the wrong way. They take each others lives with such ease in their minds with no remorse.  The Gods have truly turned their backs on them and I will take their followers from them as while they are turned away.

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     Hallow’s Eve is upon us, the eve of my release.  My time has come and yet these humans pay no heed.  Lost are the days of old and with it the knowledge of my coming and therefore the knowledge that could save them.  The book of Deredru foretold my coming, my return to my kingdom, but none have kept this knowledge alive.  Those who knew have passed long ago, dying in the Plague of Black, a plague brought upon by my own will.  A plague of which had cleansed my kingdom of 100 million lives that would have passed on the knowledge of the book of Deredru.  A plague of which is now only remembered in a mere child’s nursery rhyme.

     I have been imprisoned here for many millennia, but they knew they could not hold me forever, that one day I would leave this prison.  That I would return to reclaim what is rightfully mine, to reclaim my kingdom from the humans as their Gods watch on helplessly, for even they it seems have forsaken them.  I waited, watching great battles that have scorched my kingdom all in the name of false prophets. They fight amongst themselves, fighting endless battles that have no victor, only death.  My return will make their great wars look a though they were mere childish bickering.

     Let it be known, with my coming, that all will fall, human and god.  Every god that was once prayed to will now pray to me, kneeling to my command.  I will cleanse my kingdom once again with my bare hands and let the blood of the humans turn it red.

     The Light is no more, and it shall never imprison me again.

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     Ever since I read that book and found my name written in it, I have been feeling like things have changed.  I just seem to be more distant from everyone now, not hanging out like I used to, even when I am with my friends, my mind tends to wander.  I have even missed whole conversations due to it with Spooky joking that I was probably thinking of some TV show or something, but I wish I was.  It is like I try to be there, but something keeps pulling me away.

     I have also been having nightmares recently, I wake up trying to quickly sketch what I dreamt.  I have visions of my friends in pain, being tortured and dying slowly.  I see them on the ground screaming out in pain and a city on fire behind them in the distance.  I then notice someone standing over them laughing, but when I try to get close to see the person, they disappear leaving me standing in the middle of my friends all reaching for me.  I have woken up each time crying, but I find myself crying less and less with each nightmare.

     I will stand in the bathroom staring at the mirror, my clothes covered in sweat, reassuring myself that I was awake, trying to convince myself to go back to bed.  I was afraid to close my eyes again at first, sitting up the rest of the night till morning when I could go out and get my mind of off things.  I still need to let myself know it is only a dream because it feels so real, but I have come up with the courage to go back to sleep. The dream doesn’t seem to come back for the rest of the night.

     I can feel my heart sinking more and more everyday, hurting so badly some days, a hurt that just pulls at my breast as if my heart was being torn out.  I now feel I am in a constant struggle with myself, not knowing what to do or how to handle it.  Even things around me seem to be changing, I am not sure why, but things I used to find that mattered to me before are now loosing my interest.  I just don’t know, but I think this dream has something to do with it. 

     Like always it seems, I finally decide to head back to bed while telling myself that luckily it is only a dream.

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     Felt like being alone today.  Not sure why, but just felt like I had to be.  I knew the others were all hanging out in one of the classrooms during break, but it was as if something was pulling or pushing me away.  I enjoy my time with my friends especially since I don’t get out as often as I would like too.  So it was strange that I was not there with them.

     I wandered the halls, thinking of what I should do, really aimless walking around.  Should I go to the Cafeteria?  Should I go to the market?  Should I go to the tree on the back field and hang out there?  These were just a few of the questions I was asking myself.  I wasn’t feeling depressed or anything like that, wasn’t upset that I missed my favorite TV show, just a feeling a being alone was all I felt.

     I ended up at the school library, which is strange because I hardly ever go there.  I am not much of a reader unless it is manga or a movie with subtitles.  I walked around passing all the book shelves with my arm stretched out and my fingers caressing each books as I walked.  I could feel the wrinkles in the spines of the paperbound books from being opened many times; I could feel the smooth plastic of the books covered in the protective dust covers.  I know that if someone saw me doing this, they might think I was strange, but that thought in the back of my head didn’t even stop me.  I am sure the librarian saw me, but at the same time it was if she didn’t.  The times I have been in there before, I know she had an eagle eye on everyone, keeping watch so we didn’t write graffiti or things in the books.

     I walked passed the book shelf to the far left of the room and that is where I stopped.  The feeling of the book that my finger had finally rest on gave me goose bumps.  It was an old wrinkled brown leather bound book in which the spine gave no clue to what it was.  I pulled it from the shelf and sat down with it at the near by table.

     The cover much like the spine had not title, no “written by”, no nothing other than an impression of a star with in a circle around it.  Wanting to see if there was a title page, I opened it.  The stiffness of the book and pages made it seem like it had never been open before, but I had I feeling that I knew it had been.  As I look in the book, I noticed it was in a language I did not know, but oddly I was able to read it.  I read the first few pages, telling of the “Revelation at the end of the age” and the “Fallen prince that will come”.  I laughed at the thought that this would make a great Hollywood movie, at least I did until I came across my name written within the pages.

     I dropped the book and ran out, my heart racing.  From there, I didn’t want to be alone.

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